Degryspeerstraat 94
2018 Antwerpen

Koepelorganisatie: PICUM

Locatie Omaniae

Over Omaniae

OMANIAE stands as an Umbrella and a bridge between Irregular internally displaced undocumented migrants and the government across the European Union (Belgium) that is by, Campaigning, sensitizing and creating awareness through our empowering skill training program which is to economically enhance our members.

OMANIAE Network Platform is set up to bring together undocumented migrants living in the Diaspora, Abroad and those willing to embark on irregular migration to seek greener pastures to acquire skills.

The introduction of the O.N.P gives our members the opportunity to freely enrol in the empowering programs which seeks to enhance their life socially and economically. This platform cuts across Europe to the entire African continents as a foot stool to fight against the fatalities in irregular migration.

Momenteel zijn er geen jobs beschikbaar voor deze organisatie.